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2021 Benefits

Supporting Our Team  
We have partnered with ClearChain. With their program, our employees will realize significant savings – and these should help offset the pay cuts we’ve been forced to make.

Beginning February 1, 2021


Our new healthcare and pharmacy insurance coverage will begin and include a host of improvements over our current Aetna plan, such as:

  • 20% decrease in out-of-pocket

  • 10% decrease in employee contribution payments

  • Same deductible

  • Lower co-insurance

  • $0 generic meds

  • $0 primary care for dependent children


Note:  With this new plan, employees will be able to enroll their dependent children. 

Starting on January 12, 2021


The member services team at ClearChain will begin calling every eligible, full-time employee to transition them on to the new insurance plan.


Next steps:


1.  Speak with our Member Support team by either: 



OR -


  • Responding to their call


2.  Fill any open prescriptions before February 1st.


3.  Share any scheduled provider visits & procedures info with Member Support.


4.  Be proactive and share your provider's information by clicking here.

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  • Why CHS Therapy & Affiliates is transitioning to ClearChain Health
  • Benefit Guide Review
  • Improved Benefit/Reduced Cost
  • Common Questions & Support Access

Benefits Changes & Enrollment


  • You will be automatically enrolled in the healthcare plan, as selected during your last enrollment window.

  • Temporary electronic ID cards will be available prior to the Feb 1 transition; plastic cards are being mailed to your home address.

  • Want to change your plan? Call 855-501-3890.

Provider Access


ClearChain will do the legwork! 

BEFORE YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT - please call our team at 855-501-3890


This will help avoid confusion or issues surrounding plan acceptance.

Deductible & Out of Pocket Crediting


  • If you experienced out-of-pocket costs during the plan year, prior to transitioning to ClearChain, you'll receive full credit for these costs. In most cases deductible and out-of-pocket credits happen without your involvement.

  • If you receive a ClearChain explanation of benefits and believe you have not been credited correctly, call 855-501-3890.

Coordination of Benefits


If any qualified medical claims are not covered by Aetna due to untimely filing associated with this transition to ClearChain, don't worry. 


ClearChain provides coverage for these claims - you will only be responsible for the same deductible, co-insurance, and/or co-pays you would have experienced previously. Member Support at 855-501-3890 is here to help.

Balance Billing or Collection Activity


Your Responsibility:


  • Pay providers the amount shown as your responsibility on your ClearChain Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

  • If a provider seeks to collect additional payment from you over and above the amount shown on your EOB, call Member Support at 855-501-3890. This may be a balance billing attempt.

  • You will be defended against unfounded collection activity.

  Get Started  

Download updated information about our 2021 benefits program.